Christmas greetings for a good cause on

Sustainability also for christmas? Then give your friends, customers and business partners a fivetolife e-gift voucher. The electronic Christmas cards do not only save our resources, they also help to support a social project.

How it works: the sender selects three projects on Instead of printed cards, personal Christmas cards are sent by e-mail. Each card contains a voucher that can be redeemed to one of these projects selected on the fivetolife-website.

Thus, not only the recipient can be delighted about the Christmas wishes received, also he can forward happiness to others.

The FOOTBALL IS MORE Foundation participates with two projects on this exceptional idea:

With ‘warm meals for one week for a child in Laos’ you support our cooperation project with the swiss association ‘Laos Hilfe’.

And our Special Adventure Camps, which are held annually in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, are tailord on the special needs of children with mental and/or physical impairments. With the charisma of football, these camps promote in a playful manner education, self-reliance and independence as well as social participation.

PS: The campaign is called ‘fivetolife’ for a reason: An average Christmas card costs about 5 EUR or CHF. Use this money wisely and direct it to a meaningful project.