Inclusion event on the Bundesplatz in Bern

With our event on the Bundesplatz we prove what is possible with the charisma of football. Under the patronage of former Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi, the City of Bern, the FC Team of the National Council, students of the City of Bern and of course our Disability Teams are committed to education, inclusion and social participation. Because football unites and connects with its charisma! Please find below the agenda for our inclusive event and visit us.


From 10.00h                      Workshop at Bernese schools ‘Integration and Inclusion – we are all the same from 12.00h the children join us for lunch at the Bundesplatz


Parallel on the Bundesplatz

10.30h                     Opening by Mayor Alec von Graffenried, drawing of the teams, entry with the players of the FC National Council

11.00h                     Inclusion tournament in mixed groups with our Disability Kids and the FC Nationalrat

12.00h                     Lunch on the Bundesplatz – Disability Teams, FC Nationalrat, pupils of the city of Bern, invited guests

From 12.15h          press Aperitif ‘Inclusion – We are ALL the same – and yet we are ALL different’ with personalities from politics and business

12.45h                     Award ceremony

From 13.00h          Inclusion Tournament with our Disability Kids and the students from Bern

Approx. 16.00h    Award ceremony and conclusion