New Partnership: IUNworld-Institution for football management

As part of the Swiss U16 Cup FIM-president, Dr. Klaus Tschütscher and CEO Hanspeter Rothmund introduced Prof. Dr. Tobias Haupt as a new partner of the FIM-network. The highlight was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding partnership agreement.

With the IUNworld (IUN), an international university network consisting of several private, state certified and institutional accredited universities with cooperation partners and affiliated institutions was won.

Members of the IUN- university association are these following universities:

  • University of applied management (HAM), headquarter in Munich (Germany)
  • H:G university of health & sports, technology & art (H:G), headquarter in Berlin (Germany)
  • Private University „Schloss Seeburg, Seekirchen (Austria)
  • University Schaffhausen(HSSH), headquarter in Schaffhausen (Swiss)

The innovative, semi -virtual and flexible education concept with very intense practical experiences which is also used for application-oriented research is characteristic for the academic education at these universities. Together they build a foundation for an international network with partner universities, academies and departments. They serve a trendsetting offer on academic accredited curses of studies (Bachelor, Master) and certification programs for interested students.

Institution for football management   

The institution for football management in Munich is the academic Guidance- and Research institution from the university network. It’s specialized at the sector of top football in German speaking areas.

The ambition of the institute is to create a link between Science an Experience and a long-term establishment for an academic guidance service provider.

This network and the institution for football management are an absolutely enrichment for the FIM-network.

Both sides are looking forward to a constructive and helpful cooperation!