Special Adventure Camp Austria / Liechtenstein from September 20 – 23, 2018

At the SAC with our partner SCR Altach, education and inclusion are in the foreground. For the 6 participating teams there is a lot of football and highlights of different kind:

  • Swarovski Day – tournament with and at Swarovski in Triesen, employees become part of the camp
  • Education, inclusion and football with regional schools and footballclubs
  • Inclusive Bundesliga game – our kids will actively participate in the Bundesliga game of 22 September 2018, when the SCR Altach competes against the RZ Pellets WAC
  • Trainerwokshop – Best Practice and International Exchange

Become part of the camp and visit us on September 20th and 22nd on the training ground of the SCR Altach.