Football Clubs

International football clubs enjoy a huge attention in the public and the media. Besides their main business, the national and international competition, a social function and responsibility in the communities belong to them as well.

The partner program of FOOTBALL IS MORE offers organizations to comply with their responsibility and to actively engage themselves in social projects. The foundation acts as a coordination office between the clubs and the organizations to contribute a better communication and knowledge exchange.

The clubs provided in particular coaches and coaching instructors which conducted specific sporting initiatives in order to promote the local integration, development and peace work. This takes place in common training sessions with children from different ethnic groups and/or social classes and through the training of young men and women to become coaches and role models for young children. They can act as future mediators in their own setting and continue the main ideas of the projects.

Through their already exist resources and the support of FOOTBALL IS MORE can cause clubs to great influence.


Liverpool F.C.

«Over the past five years LFC have proudly been involved in many projects in Switzerland / Liechtenstein and we are very much looking forward to our future partnership with the FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation. Liverpool Football club has a serious commitment to social responsibility on a local, regional, national and international level. We have a belief system at Liverpool on the word TEAM, we believe that as a TEAM, Together Each Achieves More. We want to work with fim and the other partner clubs so we can all achieve more in the plight of improving peoples’ lives through sport.»
Ian Ayre, CEO , FC Liverpool
«At Liverpool Football Club we take our responsibility to the community very seriously. We run many projects to support children, young people and adults as they face life’s challenges. It is an honour for us, as players, to visit and take part in these events and to help make people feel part of Liverpool Football Club Family. I would like to continue to support all the projects on the Liverpool Football Club and bid welcome this partnership with FOOTBALL IS MORE Foundation».
Jamie Carragher


FC Zurich

«As official partner of the FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation we want to support the cause of unprivileged people together with other football clubs and NGO ́s. Not religion, politics or the economy but football is the institution with the highest common factor in the world in order to promote international development; we have to make use of that and the partnership programme of FOOTBALL IS MORE gives us the possibility to do exactly this.»
Ancillo Canepa, president FC Zürich
«When I was a young boy all I wanted was to play football. A lot of things were made possible for me and today I am in a position in which I always wanted to be. Not everybody gets this chance and not everybody is able to afford to go the way I decided to go. Every- body has the right to football – everybody has the right to realize one ́s dream. Let ́s help all those who want to live their dream – in life and on the football pitch».
Philippe Koch


SK Rapid Vienna

Werner Kuhn «Being Austria’s most popular and best supported club, Rapid Vienna takes on a position of responsibility. A pioneering role forms part of our daily activities; it goes far beyond the sporting arena, and we try to live it and to pass it on. This is why we are especially delighted to be allowed to participate in the network “Football is More” and to be able to exchange ideas with other clubs over the principles of fair play, team spirit and integration. This collaboration will exploit a synergy that will have the wonderful and important effect of helping football crazy children, youths and adults in a multitude of different ways. Its impossible to overemphasise this point!»
Werner Kuhn, General Manager SK Rapid Vienna
«In the fast paced world of football victories follow defeats, whilst highs are often followed by lows. Despite our passion for the sport, it is, and will always remain, a game – albeit one that transcends cultures, societies and borders, connecting people from different walks of life. We all share the responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and through little gestures and empathy we can all live up to this shared responsibility. Therefore I’m delighted that SK Rapid Vienna is taking part in the “Football is more” initiative, supporting disadvantaged people through projects and the joint efforts of the clubs involved.»
Steffen Hofmann, Captain SK Rapid Wien
Steffen Hofmann



SC Rheindorf Altach

christoph_laengle «The FOOTBALL IS MORE Foundation is a really great network for all involved parties. We are looking forward to our collaboration within the framework of this international network. We aim at contributing even more to a better cooperation and joint future. It is incredibly beautiful to see how football is able to connect people. Football stands for human values like respect for the enemy, acceptance of rules, fair play and teamwork. Of course football can’t solve all problems of the world. However, it is certain that whoever you are, wherever you’re from, with or without disability – a human being is a human being and football a sense of belonging for anyone.»
Christoph Längle, Managing Director of CASHPOINT SCR Altach
«We as football professionals have the luck to live our dream and I think anyone should at least get the chance to do exactly the same. Through FOOTBALL IS MORE Foundaiton our Disability Team can put on our tricot and play football against international teams. I’m happy that SCR Altach makes that possible for children and youth with disabilities. My teammates and I enjoy participating in the events of FIM, because those experiences and adventures have a high human value for us. Also, it is simply a good feeling to see the happiness and enthusiasm that football creates.»
Andreas Lienhart, Player SCRA



Zug 94 (Schweiz)

«Zug 94 is a classical amateur sports club. Accordingly important for us is our social engagement and the appropriate acceptance of our work in the public. The partnership with Football Is More makes possible to build our commitment, overcome social ditches and to have a view from an other aspect. We can offer disadvantaged people a home in our club in cooperation with FIM. We are looking forward to the following projects with FIM.»
Beat Knoblauch, president Zug 94
«Football belongs worldwide to the most famous sports – also for lot of people with a handicap. On the one hand because they want to move, that’s why it makes fun and does well. On the other hand it’s because they want to have competition and also want to show off their performance. The possibility of being part of a team and to contribute to the common success is for lots a very valuable impression. The recognition and the applause from others makes me proud and raises the self-esteem of anyone. I think it’s nice that Zug 94 takes part at this event so that the themes acceptance and integration are granted even more in the society. The children proof us that we can life without any prejudices and have fun all together. From my point of view is sport a social motor. The ones who take this theme serious must have an interpersonal exchange. I’m proud to be involved in a club like Zug 94 who brings room into this theme, because just like this you can dismantle barriers in your head. Anyone who is born on the sunny, healthy side of life should give something back – helping the ones, who have It a little harder in life.»
Daniel Gygax, player Zug 94

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