Role Model Award

The Role Model Awards, a prestigious black tie event, celebrates the excellent social achievements of football clubs, charities and role models, showcasing their outstanding devotion to enhancing social commitment and inclusion.

At the evening of the 1st of October, the winners of the Role Model Awards 2015 have been rewarded at the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. Awards in five categories were handed over “Role Model Award”. These categories are located in exemplary social fields like personality, social organisations, social department of big football clubs (e.g. foundations), social football project and special award for a social and inclusive Role Model.

Till today the Role Model Award has been handed over to:

Category 1: Personality

2017: Alexander Fangmann, Captain of the Blind National Team
2015: Hans Sarpei, Former Football profi, Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg, FC Köln
2013: Sir Robert „Bobby“ Charlton, former National Player England
2011: Jim Cassell, Manchester City

Category 2: Non-Profit Organisation

2017: Terre des hommes
2015: Sky Foundation Germany
2013: Bundesliga Foundation
2011: Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs in Abu Dhabi

Category 3: Social Responsibility of a Social Dept. ofa Football Club

2017: Fussball-Club St. Pauli von 1910 e.V.
2015: SV Werder Bremen
2013: Arsenal FC, Foundation
2011: Liverpool FC

Category 4: Social Responsibility of a Football Club

2017: Paris Saint-Germain Football Club
2015: Chelsea F.C.
2013: Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2011: Real Madrid C.F.

Category 5: Life Time Role Model

2017: Prof. Denise Barrett-Baxendale
2015: Jakob „Köbi“ Kuhn

Award Recipients 2017

Picture 1 Alexander Fangmann and Stefan Kiefer (DFL Foundation)

Picture 2, from left to right Vito Angelillo und Tamara Erez (both Terre des hommes), Willi Lemke, Prinz Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein

Picture 3, from left to right Ewald Lienen, Dr. Hubertus Hess-Grunewald und Christian Prüss

Picture 4, from left to right Laura Delort and Amir Ghanoudi (both Paris Saint-Germain)

Picture 5, from left to right Prof. Denise Barrett-Baxendale und Prinz Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein

Award Recipients 2015

Picture 1, from left to right Jakob «Köbi» Kuhn, received a «FIM Role Model Award»; Anna Kraft, Moderation; Ancillo Canepa, President Zürich FC; Hanspeter Rothmund, CEO FOOTBALL IS MORE Foundation.

Picture 2, from left to right Anna Kraft; Nico Tschui, FIM Chief Representative Middle East; Hans Sarpei, former footballer (Schalke 04, VfL Wolfsburg, FC Köln), received a «FIM Role Model Award»; Hanspeter Rothmund.

Picture 3, from left to right Anna Kraft; Alan Sefton from Arsenal in the Community; Wilfried Lemke; Anne-Kathrin Laufmann, SV Werder Bremen, received a «FIM Role Model Award»; Hanspeter Rothmund.

Picture 4, from left to right: Stefan Kiefer, Chairperson of the Bundesliga Foundation; Award recipients of the Sky Foundation General Manager Nicole Zubayr, Dr. Alexandra Coffey, Axel Rakette; Anna Kraft; Hanspeter Rothmund.

Picture 5, from left to right Jorge Miranda, Benfica Lisbon; award receiver Simon Taylor from Chelsea FC; Hanspeter Rothmund.

Picture 6 Alessandro Sellitto (right) handed over a check of CHF 5’000.- in the name of Sportnacht Davos to Hanspeter Rothmund, CEO FIM.