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Disability football coach education programme

An educational offer for everyone who works with people with disabilities or would like to become an inclusive football coach

People with disabilities should be given equal opportunities to participate in leisure and sports activities. But especially in football, it is not yet a matter of course for every club to accept people with additional support needs. The main reason for this is the lack of suitably qualified trainers. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of remedying the shortage of football coaches who have specific qualifications for working with people with disabilities by offering appropriate training courses. In cooperation with experienced disability football coaches from international clubs, we offer further training in the field of football for the disabled.


In the course of the training, a range of essential topics are examined in detail and learning content transmitted. These include the correct approach to various types of disability, adapting the sports on offer to various ability levels and the planning and implementation of tailor-made training sessions.


 This of course is directly beneficial to people with disabilities. However, the trainers also benefit significantly, because the course can help them to eliminate any uncertainties they may have, e.g. regarding their area of responsibility in dealing with people with disabilities. Finally, the football clubs also benefit, because the qualified carers/trainers provide a better-qualified service.

Learning content

  • Learning about selected forms of disability and their specific challenges

  • Self-awareness as well as encounters, exchanges and training with athletes with disabilities to reduce fear of contact, recognise similarities and different strengths and weaknesses and build mutual understanding

  • Organising and implementing everyday training

Target group

Sports enthusiasts who are willing to include people with and without disabilities in a joint training programme

  • Coaches

  • Y+S coaches

  • Junior coaches 

  • Supervisors

  • Functionaries

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