//Alexander Fangmann becomes new FIM ambassador

We are happy to welcome Alexander Fangmann as a new ambassador in the FIM family. Alexander Fangmann is not only active as a blind footballer for the MTV Stuttgart and the German national team, he is also a sports inclusion manager for the  Sports Association in Württemberg.


“At FOOTBALL IS MORE I am impressed by the fact that the name is absolutely integral to all projects. I fully support the idea of using football to achieve positive effects in socially relevant areas such as inclusion, participation, education, or health. As captain of the German national blind football team, I have experienced this myself countless times in over 13 years. The enthusiasm for football unites people all over the world, completely independent of their other personal characteristics. That is why FIM projects all speak the same language – which is football.

There should, however, be a greater awareness of the less well-known aspects of football and its social responsibility, particularly in the initial, further, and continuing training of coaches and club employees. This will help to ensure that people with disabilities are a natural part of football at all levels. I would like to emphasize this at all levels, as it is not only a matter of disadvantaged people being able to attend their sport as fans but also of being active on the pitch as a footballer in popular or competitive sports, being actively involved in club life or working on the future of football in voluntary or full-time positions. In order to achieve these goals, I will support the FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation as an ambassador wherever I can”.