//FIM-Family qualifies “own young coaches” at the University of Liechtenstein

Certificate course together with Chelsea FC, Werder Bremen and numerous experts and professors

For the first time the FIM-Academy started on the weekend from 7th to 9th December 2018 for 25 students of the University of Liechtenstein as well as participants from SV Werder Bremen, VfB Stuttgart and even from Riga. The aim was to become a “Coach for Development: Inclusion – Health – Peace” with three ECTS points. After this presence phase and extensive information on the e-learning platform as well as homework, the graduates of the FIM-Academy not only received the opportunity to participate in the major FIM events, but also to go to partner associations or foundations in Kenya, Colombia or Laos as qualified volunteers.

The learning plan included rounds of getting to know each other and introduction of individual partners of the FIM-Family as well as an introduction by program manager Prof. Buschmann (German University for Health and Sport, Berlin) and initially general basics in communication, presentation, moderation, team development and project management by Prof. Bellinghausen from HAM – University for Applied Management, Munich. Prof. Schocher (HTW Chur) completed the basics of CSR in sport in contrast to philanthropy. Dr. Batliner (ETH Zurich, Chair of Development Economics) and Heribert Scharrenbroich (former Minister of State/CARE Germany) presented in-depth insights into development cooperation. Reinhard Heiserer (“Youth one World”, Austria) and Peter Ritter (Liechtenstein Development Service) supplemented information about their organisations and their work on-site. Anne-Kathrin Laufmann from SV Werder Bremen and FIM Managing Director Hanspeter Rothmund did the same.

What is special about this education is the “direct transfer into an applicable practice”. Developmental psychologist Prof. Hess (German University for Health and Sport, Berlin) reported on the education of social competences and Prof. Bellinghausen presented within the framework of inclusion in and through sport in theory and practice differentiated game pedagogy. This was supplemented by coach Andy Rose from Chelsea FC and coordination trainer Hans Tanner from FC Zurich.

FIM Foundation Board Chairman Alois Kessler came to greet the students and expressed his enthusiasm: “I can only admit without hesitation: What FIM has done with this is absolute top”. After four years of development work by the educational course inventor Prof. Dr. Mathias Bellinghausen and the course director Prof. Dr. Jürgen Buschmann, the first generation of FIM coaches has now been trained. Buschmann: “My big thanks go to everyone who supported us on our way there. After all, all the speakers contributed to the success, as did the organizers behind the scenes from the FIM office.” Bellinghausen added: “Hopefully this ‘proof of concept’ will help us to find more enthusiastic students and financiers for another degree course. The demand is huge and the possibilities are varied and exciting. The education was a huge success overall! All participants gave the organizers (FIM Foundation), speakers with their content only “top marks”: “For us this was the best event in our studies so far” – said one participant.

The first foreign missions are now planned for 2019 in Kenya, Laos and Colombia. With the launch of the FIM-Academy, another milestone in the history of the FOOTBALL IS MORE Foundation became reality. However, the implementation would not have been possible without the generous support of both the official and the Princely Family. Therefore, many thanks not only go to the two ‘intellectual minds’ who created the course, but also to the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein (Office for Foreign Affairs) and SD Prince Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein (patron of the Foundation)!

Prof. Hess (2nd from left) with participants from VfB Stuttgart (from left), SV Werder Bremen (2nd from right) and LaBaDaBa Latvia

Practice demonstrations with Andy Rose, Chelsea FC

Practice-oriented lessons with Prof. Mathias Bellinghausen

Prof. Jürgen Buschmann prepares for the foreign mission in Nairobi / Kenyaa