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FIM Family

“Together we are stronger”

The FIM Family uses the charisma of football to assume joint responsibility for society. Within this network, the strengths and competencies of individuals are pooled and an efficient network is formed through the synergies. Because only together it is possible to carry out sustainable and successful projects..

The FIM Family includes associations, sports clubs, commercial enterprises, aid organisations, foundations, educational institutions and committed individuals.

FIM-Family projects

  • Project Laos- Each ball counts
    Education and Integration through Football.
    Within the framework of the 6th international CSR-Forum, the FIM- Family decided to support a joint project. With the “Each ball counts” campaign the participating partners transfer one Euro/ Swiss Franc/ Pound for every ball they purchased to the Laos project, at the end of the year. These financial contributions enable young Laotians to train as coaches, who in turn train young people as football coaches in their home regions. The focus here is not only on the sporting aspect, but also on the health aspect. For example, the training includes nutrition and Hygiene courses.
  • Jerseys- & ball donations
    Support & promotion for children with disabilities
    We offer clubs and schools at home and abroad who need material for their teams the possibility to find suitable partners for jerseys and ball donations through the FIM- Family network.
    If you need donations or would like to make a donation, please contact us.


  • International Helvetia U16 Cup
    Every two years we organize together with the association International Helvetia U16 Cup an international Helvetia U16 Cup with Special Adventure Camp.  Further information can be found here