//Laos daily reports: Day 1

„Education & Integration through Football“ 

Day 1

The first day in Laos was under the motto “Breaking the ice!”. 40 youth coaches from different parts of the country came together in the capital Vientiane under the direction of professional coaches from SV Werder Bremen and FC Chelsea London. Accordingly, the first theoretical unit was about getting to know each other and the question “What do I want to learn through this project?

Afterwards I went to the training ground for the first time and at the latest there the ice was broken. Together the coaches laughed and learned different exercises. Football simply connects.

In the afternoon it was about the execution of a training unit – theoretical and practical. Which material do I need? How do I divide training groups? What content do I want to convey and with which exercises?

The young coaches had to put what they had learned into practice on that day. In four small groups they drew up their own training plans and led one unit each with 25 children from Vientiane. To the delight of the coaches, they completed this task with flying colours. However, it is also clear: better always works, so there is still enough to do in the next few days.