//Laos daily reports: Day 3

“Education & Integration through Football”

Review Day 3

The Young Coaches training in Laos makes you aware every day that football connects – but especially on the 3rd day. Training with physically and mentally handicapped children was on the agenda. First, the coaches learned what was important in theory and then they had to put it into practice on the pitch. 15 children with special needs were waiting for their training session. And the 40 young coaches solved this task with brilliance. They responded sensitively to the needs of the children and provided fun and enjoyment for young and old. The parents of the children were especially enthusiastic about how well the training was received.

After the demanding morning it became a bit more relaxed. First the coaches learned how to lead a healthy and happy life off the pitch and then they went back to the pitch. This time not as a coach but as a player. Divided into four teams, the young coaches played a tournament – fun guaranteed. But there was also something to learn. Afterwards the coaches had to organize the same tournament for the 100 children and teenagers. And that too was a success! As players, coaches and organizers, the young coaches did a great job on this day!