Special Adventure Camps

Special Adventure Camps

International football camps for children with and without disabilities promote education, self-confidence and independence as well as social participation in a playful way.

  • Intercultural learning
    International meeting point for children with and without disabilities.

  • Experiencing joy
    Joint experiences through play and fun for children with and without disabilities.

  • Partnerships
    Workshop for schools and clubs: Theory and practice with trainers of international top clubs.

  • Relief for parents
    The participations in the camp relieves families with a family member with disabilities.

  • Social togetherness
    People with and without disabilities sensitize each other for social togetherness and inclusion.

  • Education
    Education and training for school teachers, trainers, referres, caretakers and parents.

Special Adventure Camp Riga, Latvia– October 22nd – 26th 2018

Education & Inclusion

At the Special Adventure Camp in Riga, Latvia, not only football is played. Children and teenagers with and without physical and/or mental disabilities and orphans go through different workshops together. Whether it is making music, dancing, painting, drawing or crafting, the fun should not be neglected. This way the idea of inclusion is brought closer to the children and adolescents in a playful way.


  • 25 Children and adolescents with disabilities

  • 50 orphans

  • 25 schoolchildren

  • 20 children of the Riga Football School

Positive aspects of the Special Adventure Camp in Riga:

  • Professional training with Real Madrid coaches

  • Play football with disabled people

  • Various workshops

  • Make new friends

  • Play & Fun

  • Get to know new cultures

Special Adventure Camp Liechtenstein/Austria – September 19th – 23th 2018

Our FIM-Family-Member SCR Altach makes extraordinary days for our Special Adventure Camp participants possible.

  • Including training units – camp and tournament days with regional sports clubs and the employees of an internationally renowned company.

  • A Bundesliga game becomes an inclusive showcase – The SCR Altach integrates the participant of the Special Adventure Camp into their Bundesliga game and thus shows their commitment also outside the football field.

  • September 19th 2018 – Arrival international teams to Altach/A
  • September 20th 2018 – SAC-Trainingday at the sports facility of SCR Altach
  • September 21st 2018 – Swarovski Day, Swarovski offers its employees and SAC participants an inclusive camp and tournament day at the sports facility of the municipality of Triesen, Liechtenstein.
  • September 22th 2018 – Camp day for the SAC participants in Altach incl. invitation and entry of a Bundesliga game of the SCR Altach, as well as an inclusive showcase during the break
  • September 23rd 2018 – Departure international Teams

“Football stands for human values such as respect for the opponent, recognition of rules, fair play and teamwork. The rules are simple, easy to understand and the same everywhere. You can connect people with each other regardless of cultural differences. Football can not solve everything, but we can make a big contribution to a better coexistence. We have to understand sport as a life school.”
Andreas Lienhart, Spieler SCRA
Special Adventure Camp, 2016

Special Adventure Camp Swiss – June 12th – 17th 2018

The SAC Switzerland offers highlights of the integrative type:

  • Community – Camp days, training and leisure time for children and young people with physical and/or mental disabilities with our FIM Family Partner Zug 94
  • Big inclusion event – A tournament day for the public takes place on the Bundesplatz in Bern – lived values and community spirit, incl. promotion tournament
  • Inclusion tournament – In and with Zug (94) there will be a qualifying tournament for Swiss U15 teams and a parallel or integrated Special Adventure Camp/Turnier.
  • June 12th, 2018 – Arrival of national and international teams, training and tournament with the youth team of the FC Brunnen
  • June 13th/14th, 2018 – including lecture/workshop and joint training/tournament with the MPS Schwyz and coaches training
  • June 15th, 2018 – Inclusion Event at the Bundesplatz in Bern with the FC Nationalrat, politicians and students from Bern
  • June 16th, 2018 – Inclusive qualification tournament of Swiss U15 teams (for the Swiss U16 Cup 2019) with the parallel final tournament of the Special Adventure participants at the sports facility Herti of Zug 94
  • June 17th, 2018 – Departure of the international teams
Special Adventure Camp

“Just because someone can’t play like Messi doesn’t mean he doesn’t like doing it like Messi. You can be inspired by everything and it is a gift to be able to play and help together.
Jim Cassell, former leader of the Manchester City Academy
Special Adventure Camp, 2016