//SPECIAL ADVENTURE CAMP Central Switzerland

We are now looking forward to holding the SPECIAL ADVENTURE CAMP for the 16th time next summer. This will take place from 14 to 19 September 2020 in Central Switzerland. We will hold the camp together with Zug94 and FC Brunnen.

Local and international teams will meet for 5 days in Central Switzerland to play football together and make new friends. On the one hand, the focus of our experiential education camp will be on young people with disabilities, for whom adventurous sports holidays are otherwise not available or very difficult to access. We want to convey to them the joy and fun of movement through the power and diversity of sport. (We will introduce the participating teams to you in the coming weeks.)

On the other hand it is important to us to qualify new coaches and to train existing coaches during the camp. Coaches from non-participating clubs can also participate in this coaching course.

The focus of this camp is on the following topics:

  • Sports holidays for young people with disabilities
  • Inclusion (training units and leisure activities together with students from Zug and Brunnen)
  • Education for youth in mainstream schools and clubs
  • Training of trainers and carers to accompany children and young people with disabilities
  • Workshops for the trainers of the participating teams
  • Walking Football Tournament
  • Promotion of voluntary work (Volunteering)

Further information and support possibilities will be announced in the following weeks!

Be excited! We are looking forward to the teams and the exciting week in Central Switzerland.