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Walking Football


What is Walking Football?

Walking Football is for players of all ages and physical fitness and is a healthy way of playing football. Which everybody can play! This football variant was played in England for the first time in 2011 and has since inspired several countries.


As the name suggests, there is no running in walking football. Furthermore, the ball is not allowed to be played above waist height. An offence results in a free kick for the opposing team. In addition, hard physical contact and fouls must be avoided, which reduces the risk of injury and makes Walking Football more health-friendly. The number of players and the size of the field may be variable.


Walking football is a great way to play football, stay healthy and sit together in social groups, regardless of age, whether you are a man or woman, sporty or not. The fun does not come too short as well.

Walking Football Tournament Central Switzerland – 18 September 2020, Brunnen (SZ)