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Canton Schaffhausen joins forces with Y+S and FIM to set an example for inclusion in and through spo

Y+S course "Inclusion in team sports using football as an example"

Our coach training course for inclusion in team sports using football as an example started today in collaboration with the sports department of the canton of Schaffhausen. This time we are in Schaffhausen at the BBC Arena. The participants are coaches from various team sports ranging from football to volleyball, handball, university hockey and gymnastics.

The course began with a simulation exercise on disabilities: using simulation goggles, bell balls and crutches, the participants performed various football exercises and were thus able to experience the challenges faced by people with disabilities in relation to football training through self-awareness. The programme continued with a demo training session with the FC Winterthur Brühlgut Foundation team for people with disabilities. The joint training session helped to break down fears of contact and to realise that the most important quality of an inclusion coach is their adaptability, which enables them to adapt exercises flexibly to the different abilities of the players.

Thanks to the support of the Canton of Schaffhausen and the Beisheim Foundation, the course is now taking place for the third time. It offers a targeted educational programme that aims to give people with a disability not only greater access to sport, but also greater participation in society.


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