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Continuation of the project - Football for inclusion: coaching and training programme for war-disabled young people and adults from Ukraine "Into society through sport"

We are delighted to be able to give you a detailed insight into the second part of our project "Coaching and training programme for war-wounded young people and adults from Ukraine: Into Society Through Sport" in cooperation with Don Bosco.

Today was characterised by the continuation and consolidation of our goals with the players of FK Pokrova Amputee Football from Ukraine.

The focus was on the players' sporting development as well as #teambuilding and #resocialisation. The aim was not only to develop the players in sporting terms, but also to strengthen their #team spirit. By evaluating the questionnaires from the first part of the project on the topic of #inclusion of people with disabilities through #education and #sport, valuable insights were gained, analysed and discussed with the players.

A highlight of the day was the so-called "speed dating" in two groups, which focussed on communication, team cohesion and the definition of rules within the team in order to be able to act as a cohesive unit in the future despite all the difficulties. Each player had the opportunity to propose rules and vote democratically on their adoption. In this way, a rules manual was jointly created for the team, which will be implemented in the future.

The first training session began at 11.00 a.m. in the WRS Arena under the guidance of Steve Johnson from Everton FC in the Community and Dymitro Kameko from the Polish national team for Amputee Football. The focus was on warming up, game forms, passing and goal kicking. Lunch was followed by the "WR Sport Field Games", where the players worked in groups on different sports and activities to strengthen their #teamspirit.

The players were then able to explore the virtual world of sport in the VR room of the e-sports centre before a friendly match against a local team from Rzeszow took place in the evening. The match was observed, analysed and evaluated by experts from Everton FC in the Community and the Polish national team for Amputee Football on site in order to plan the upcoming training sessions for the next day accordingly.

The day ended with a joint dinner, where the players exchanged ideas and reviewed the day. We are looking forward to tomorrow and the upcoming coaching points and training sessions and are excited to work with the players on their development.


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