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Day 2: Football for Inclusion - Coaching and Training Program for War-Injured Youth and Adults from Ukraine."Into society through sport"

The second day of the coaching and training program for war-injured youth and adults from the "FK Pokrova Amputee Football Team" was marked by innovation and expansion of the skill range. As part of an informative lecture by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Buschmann on the possibilities of the virtual world of sports, also known as e-sports, players from the "FK Pokrova Amputee Team" could test various sports virtually in the e-sport center of the WRS-Arena.

This opportunity to try out different high-tech devices despite physical limitations was a significant step for the athletes to engage in sports in a different form and have fun. Under the guidance of experts from the FIM-Family, they could try out boxing, Formula 1, paragliding, tennis, cycling, and other sports.

After collecting their first experiences in the virtual world, the players returned to the hall to prepare for the upcoming football tournament in Rzeszow, Poland. The trainers from the FIM-Family, FC Chelsea Foundation, and Polish national coach "Dmytro Kameko" continued the training, focusing on tactical playing styles, offensive and defensive strategies, and shooting. The players could learn new training methods from their long-term international experience and put them into practice on the field.

The highlight of the day was a visit from Polish TV channel TVP3 for a documentary about our initiative, which accompanied the team during the morning in the e-sport center and hall, conducted interviews, and recorded footage. Subsequently, the players were informed about the continuation of the project in its second part and their participation in the International Helvetia Cup - Football for Inclusion 2024 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The day concluded with a Q&A round and a group photo.


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