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Education & Training for Inclusion in Football

We have set ourselves the goal of training football enthusiasts to become inclusion coaches.

Inclusive football includes training opportunities where people with and without disabilities train together. Unfortunately, such sports are still few and far between. The main reason that clubs give for the lack of inclusive football programmes is the lack of qualified coaches and trainers.

We at FIM have therefore set ourselves the task of remedying this shortage with appropriate training and further education with the aim of enabling sports enthusiasts to take on responsibility as coaches in inclusive football.

Last autumn, our pilot project for inclusion in football started with a course in Lucerne. We are pleased to announce that we will offer the following training course on 13-14 May. In cooperation with J+S and the Central Swiss Football Association, the training and further education will take place in Kriens.

Registration as a J+S leader is possible via

Other interested parties can register via FIM (


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