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Excursion to Triesenberg and Vaduz

After the great evening at the village festival, many tired faces could be seen at the morning table. But these quickly disappeared when a tasty plait was ready for breakfast, which disappeared within minutes. In the mornings and afternoons, the time was used for training. The coaches from Portugal took the team with disabilities to task. The focus this time was on tactics and teamwork. After dinner, another excursion to Vaduz was planned. However, before the boys boarded the bus with enthusiasm and lots of singing, the coaches from Fundacao Benfica presented all participants with a Benfica Lisbon scarf as a thank you for the wonderful and intensive time. Conversely, the coaches from Ukraine honoured all participants of the FIM with a small gift. Before heading to Vaduz, there was a first stop in Triesenberg. There they had a look at the unique football stadium. Once in the capital, the young people strolled through the alleys and had fun with the human kicker. Football was still present late in the evening...

The week in Bad Ragaz has come to an end and the two teams are looking forward to the next days in St.Gallen.


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