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Football for Inclusion: Coaching and training program for war-injured youth and adults from Ukraine. "Into society through sport"

In close collaboration with our partners Don Bosco Switzerland and the FC Chelsea Foundation of the FIM Family, we have created the opportunity, as part of the "Into Society Through Sport" initiative, to bring over 25 war-injured youth and adults from various regions of Ukraine who are part of the "FK Pokrova Amputee Football" team, along with their coaches and caregivers, to Rzeszow, Poland, to participate in a two-day coaching and training program. The goal of this first part of our project is not only to further develop the skills of the participants, but also to enhance their integration opportunities into society.

As part of this program, two inclusion coaches from the FC Chelsea Foundation, as well as a coach from the Polish national amputee football team, traveled to Rzeszow, Poland to conduct the practical part of the training on the football field with the FK Pokrova, the amputee football team. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Buschmann of the FIM Family is leading the theoretical part on "Inclusion in and through sport".

Day 1 - 09.05.2024

After a long bus journey from Ukraine, the "FK Pokrova Amputee Team" arrived late last night at the hotel in Rzeszow, Poland. This morning at 8:00 AM, the presentation of our program for the next two days and a fun icebreaker session with all players took place in the seminar room.

The first practical part took place in the WRS Arena, where various training sessions were conducted under the guidance of the coaches from the FC Chelsea Foundation. In the afternoon, the focus was on the theme of "The Path to Inclusion", where players and coaches were educated on inclusion in and through sport, discussed challenges, and worked together to find solutions for the future and continue the project.

After thoroughly engaging with theoretical content, the players were able to showcase their skills in practice. Tactical game forms and exercises were conducted in the arena, allowing the players to demonstrate their abilities and impress the coaches with their performances. The shooting training, in particular, created excitement and enthusiasm as players were able to improve their accuracy and shooting technique.

The first day of training was successful and has contributed to strengthening the team spirit and self-confidence. The players are already looking forward to the upcoming sessions and the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned at the upcoming tournament this weekend.


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