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FOOTBALL IS MORE Inclusion Education

As part of an inclusion week "All Inclusive Week" we visited a group of students:inside (confirmation students) from the 3rd upper school aged 14-16 years in the Evangelical Reformed Church Parish Wildhaus - Alt St. Johan on October 20 for an awareness and education program on the topic "Football for Inclusion".

After a warm welcome from Tobias Claudy, pastor of the Evangelical Reformed Church Parish WHASJ and Jeanette Schefer, church religious education teacher, we gathered for lunch together, which was prepared by the confirmation students. Afterwards we started with our FOOTBALL IS MORE inclusion education.

These were the topic points of the afternoon about which the confirmands were informed, sensitized and educated.

  • What does inclusion mean?

  • How can inclusion succeed?

  • What types of impairments are you aware of?

  • What is the right way to deal with impaired people and athletes?

  • What do you know about football for people with impairments?

Followed by inclusive football training with simulation of different impairments such as blind football, amputee football and football for people with deafness.

After the whole enrollment of our coach for people with disabilities, Andy Rose, a very interesting football training took place with the students. They had the opportunity to do training exercises with crutches, blindfolds and hearing protection. Later there was a video analysis and a group work for the students as a conclusion. They had the task to create a question and answer session in groups of 4 on the topic "Football for Inclusion".

Here are a few questions from the students:


What did you learn today?


- Confidence

- Accept people

- Rely on other people

- How to help impaired people


What was impressive?


- That you can do many things with an impairment, even play soccer

- The inclusive soccer training on the field

ment, even play soccer

- The inclusive soccer training on the field

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