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Participation of the "FK Pokrova Amputee Football-Team" in the framework of the coaching and training program for war-injured youth and adults from Ukraine. 'Into societ "Into society through sport".

After completing our 2-day coaching and training program with our FIM-Family Experts, the "FK Pokrova Amputee Football-Team" participated in the international amputee football tournament in Poland. This event marked a significant milestone on the path to inclusion of war-injured youth and adult players in society through education and sport. The players showed high motivation and excitement for the upcoming matches and the challenges presented by their exciting opponents.

At the tournament's opening, the players presented impressive performances on the pitch. Although the team was newly assembled and faced significant challenges, they demonstrated great commitment and team spirit. They not only showcased their football skills but also their determination and willpower to overcome all obstacles and become part of society.

The team was able to celebrate their first victory thanks to their unity and closed the tournament with 3 points. This success was a significant step for the players, as they confirmed their abilities and strengths and achieved their goals. The tournament experience also contributed to their improved self-awareness and stronger identity.

After successfully completing the first part of the project, the "FK Pokrova Amputee Football-Team" is now facing its next milestone and is looking forward to the second part of the coaching and training program as well as participation in the International Helvetia Cup - Football for Inclusion 2024 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. By participating in the Helvetia Cup, the players will not only have the opportunity to compete with other amputee football teams from around the world but also promote the vision of inclusion and sports for all.


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