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Patronage SAC Bonn

We are happy to announce that Bernd Neuendorf is taking over the patronage for the Special Adventure Camp in Bonn!

The native of Düren, he was elected DFB President on March 11, 2022 and was President of the Middle Rhine Football Association from 2019 to 2022, which also includes the Bonn football clubs such as FIM project partner Hertha Bonn.

"As DFB President, I am very happy to take over the patronage of the Special Adventure Camp Bonn (SAC). This wonderful tournament brings together young people with and without disabilities from all over Europe. They enjoy football together. And together they learn in a playful way about sport, what inclusion and participation, what sustainability mean. Thanks to this exchange of knowledge and the further training of coaches and supervisors, even more football clubs will be able to create an inclusive offer in the future: football for everyone. I'm sure that there will be a special atmosphere both at the football camp and at the tournament on Bonn's Münsterplatz. I wish everyone involved a successful event.”


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