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The FCZ Academy on a visit & Hike to the Ochsenberg

The start of the weekend got off to a really good start. We had a visit from Heinz Russheim, the head of the FCZ Academy. Not only the teams, but also the coaches from Fundacao Benfica were able to benefit from his knowledge. The time flew by. Due to the bad weather, the planned visit to the swimming pool in the afternoon was impossible. Therefore, the footballers allowed themselves a well-deserved break. Coincidentally, we heard that 77 Bombay Street was giving a concert in the evening on the festival grounds in Bad Ragaz. The young people and their supervisors took the opportunity to listen to the sounds of the musicians. The festival was a total success.

Despite the thunderstorm in the morning, the plan for Sunday was to walk from Maienfeld to the Heidihütte, which is located on the Ochsenberg. However, the clouds quickly cleared and the one-hour hike to the top was no longer an obstacle. The happy chants of the young people during the mountain tour could hardly be overheard. Once on the mountain, the Ukrainian footballers enjoyed the beautiful view and the fresh mountain air. The mountain restaurant served a delicious Cervelat with apple sauce. A big thank you to the hosts for their kind hospitality!


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