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FIM raises awareness

An education programme to raise awareness on Inclusion

This learning programme sensitises participants to the importance of the issue of inclusion.


FIM visits schools, sports clubs, universities or businesses to talk about both the everyday challenges faced by people with disabilities and their specific skills. Lectures by professors and disability coaches from partner clubs provide further knowledge on the subject. Afterwards, participants without disabilities are invited to a sporting event to play football with people with disabilities. This promotes mutual understanding through play. Inclusion is therefore not only explained theoretically but also experienced in a truly active way. In this way, fear of contact can be overcome and an understanding of inclusion developed.


All people with disabilities, in various contexts, benefit from the skills taught. The beneficiaries of the programme also include its target groups, i.e. schoolchildren, teachers and parents, trainers and carers, as well as firms and their employees.



Promote inclusion in everyday life


Awareness of inclusion

Improve mutual understanding


Become a volunteer!

Would you like to get involved socially? Support disadvantaged young people? Gain work experience? Get to know new people in a motivated team and get involved in social issues? Then you've come to the right place!

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