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A platform for all stakeholders who commit themselves to social change through the power of football

"together we are stronger"


Every two years an international forum, organised by FIM under the guiding principle of  «together we are stronger», takes place. Representatives of international football clubs and social organisations, as well as personalities from the worlds of politics, business, culture etc. deal with various questions in lectures and panel discussions. These include the question of how the global sport of football, thanks to its power as a diverse platform for social commitment, can create role models and set an example by implementing projects for disadvantaged people. To this end, the forum looks specifically at current initiatives and examples of best practice and role models in the field of social commitment and football. At the same time, there must be a mutual exchange of opinions and ideas in order to develop new strategies and initiatives and promote the building of a network.


Organizations and companies are looking for ways to meet their social responsibility and even to play a pioneering role. Sustainable action can only be achieved through cooperation between politics, business, science and civil society. The FIM CSR Forum, which takes place every two years, shows design options, offers experts from politics, business and science as well as clubs, associations and sponsors alike a platform to exchange ideas, initiate projects together and develop impulses for the future.

Role Model Awards

Since 2011 the FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation have been presenting Role Model Awards to individuals and organisations that stand out for their exemplary social commitment. The awards are presented in the following categories: Personality, Non Profit Organisation, Social Department of a Football Club, Football Club, Lifelong Role Model.

«We are at the beginning of our social activities. But without the right partners, we would have had a more difficult start. "

Leonid Novoselskiy, President settore giovanile FC Lugano

Next Forum

8th international CSR FORUM
8th international CSR FORUM
22 Mar 2022, 10:00
Brunnen SZ


Become a volunteer!

Would you like to get involved socially? Support disadvantaged young people? Gain work experience? Get to know new people in a motivated team and get involved in social issues? Then you've come to the right place!

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