The tax organs of the FIM

Foundation supervisory authority

The FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation is subordinate to the foundation supervisory authority (STIFA), which oversees charitable foundations as a department of the Office of Justice. Private-benefit foundations can voluntarily submit to their supervision.



SD Prince Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein


Board of Trustees

lic. iur. Alois Kessler, President

Gerda Schwindt

Hubert Biedermann

Urs Siegenthaler

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Buschmann

Mag. (FH) Christoph Gassner

Philippe Zimmermann

Urs Markus Kranz

Hanspeter Rothmund


Finance revision

Wälti Treuhand und Revisionen AG, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland


Project control & scientific support

Dr. Rudolf Batliner,

former managing director of LED, Liechtenstein Development Service, former study coordinator at NADEL - Center for Development and Cooperation - at ETH Zurich


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Buschmann,

Lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne (retired) and head of the Olympic Study Center Germany a. D.


Prof. Dr. Mathias Bellinghausen

Professor of prevention and health literacy at the HAM - the University of Applied Management, lecturer and consultant for CSR in sport at the International Institute for Football Management



FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation is run by the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein

recognized not for profit.

FOOTBALL IS MORE Deutschland eV is a registered, non-profit association in Germany.

FOOTBAL IS MORE Switzerland is also a non-profit association in Switzerland.


Legal bases

The articles of association and the extract from the commercial register can be requested from .



Your financial support to the FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation is tax-deductible.


Special advisors

Dr. Rudolf Batliner

Jim Cassell

Prof. Dr. Mathias Bellinghausen

Reiner Calmund

Mohamed Mohamed Fadel Al Hameli

Honey Thaljieh