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Our work



Our areas of activity

Inclusion and participation in society

To this end, we use the enormous potential offered by play and sport to bring people together, because sport unites people, promotes cooperation and creates common ground. The shared sporting experience provides the opportunity for children and young people, with and without disabilities and/or from different cultural backgrounds to meet, discover their differences and similarities, dismantle prejudice and build understanding and tolerance. 

Education and health

Knowledge is power, as a well-known saying goes. For us at FIM however, knowledge is more synonymous with opportunity because only those with education and knowledge have the opportunity to understand and assess their own situation – and to change it for the better. In addition to social and economic improvement, increased knowledge also leads to better health because thanks to their new knowledge people are in a position to make sound and effective life decisions.

Our Programmes


Inclusive sports programmes

Sadly, nowhere near everyone has equal access to sport. At FIM, we want to give EVERYONE access to sporting activities through our sports programmes, whatever their nationality, social class, religious conviction, way of thinking, sex, cultural identity, age or abilities.


Development cooperation

Through our programmes in developing countries, we want to provide better access to education via football and thus give underprivileged people the prospect of better future and career opportunities, better health and integration.

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Education programmes

We run a university-level seminar which prepares participants for missions in sports-related social-aid projects in developing countries. We also offer training programmes for football coaches who want to train people with disabilities. In addition, we run educational programmes at schools, sports clubs or companies to raise public awareness about inclusion. 


Consultancy & networking 

Expertise, know-how and appropriate resources are the foundations of a sustainable and efficient implementation of our projects – and are therefore essential for achieving our goals. We achieve the requirements for this by, for example, consulting and networking with important players in business, sport and politics, with the aim of initiating joint projects.


“We promote cooperation”


Become a FIM partner!

Whether we can count on your know-how, your financial support or your project participation - we use the resources you have made available in such a way that they develop a real and sustainable effect.

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