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Football is more than a sport –
Football stands for team spirit and fair play. Football creates joy and excitement.

Football is for everyone.
And above all: football is a school of life.

This basic principle is both the cornerstone of and the driving force behind the non-profit FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation (FIM). It was established in 2011 in Vaduz in the Principality of Liechtenstein under the patronage of HSH Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein.

The Foundation

The purpose of our foundation…


…is to support and nurture disadvantaged people through the power of football – and therefore to empower them in the long term. We pay particular attention to children and young people who are socially disadvantaged, have mental and/or physical disabilities or live in crisis areas and developing countries.

A central role in achieving our goals…


…is played by the FIM-Family – a network composed of football clubs, non-profit organisations and benefactors as well as representatives from business, science and politics. Together with them, we organise and carry out national and international funding projects. The broad scope of the FIM-Family enables our foundation to make the best possible use of the positive qualities promoted by football.

Our mission

Through the power of football, we make the inclusion and participation of disadvantaged people in society possible and make education and health accessible to them.

We focus our global activities on
children and young people.

Our vision

Our vision is an inclusive world that is worth living in and in which everyone can live a self-determined life in dignity.


Through our work we want to help build a society in which everyone is given the opportunity to make full use of their resources, to develop their individual talents and to shape their lives according to their own aspirations and wishes. 

Our Mission

Our values

Our guiding values are diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion.

We value and respect people from all backgrounds and promote a culture of diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion. This position applies to all nationalities, social strata, religious convictions, ways of thinking, genders, cultural identities, ages and abilities.


As a charitable foundation, we offer our services to people at home and abroad who are prevented by a disability and/or their background from fully participating in society.

We focus our global activities on children and young people with physical and/or mental disabilities, as well as their families. In crisis and developing countries, we focus on disadvantaged children and young people, as well as their families.

Our goals

Our foundation aligns its goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

From them, we derive further goals for our projects and thus lay a foundation on which children and young people can build their futures. The following Sustainable Developments Goals of the United Nations play a crucial and pioneering role in our work:

SGD1 EN.jpg
SDG2 EN.jpg

5 December 2023 (†)

“A modern society stands for equal opportunities, respect and inclusion, there must be no room for exclusion. In this context, sport offers an ideal platform, which FIM, as an established organisation in the field of sports philanthropy, uses to cross boundaries. This is what we are committed to.”

H.S.H. Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein, Patron of the FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation

The FIM team

Staff member

Hanspeter Rothmund.jpg


Managing Director

«I was able to experience many things through football, both positive and negative. In any case, the sport has the power to combat dark instincts and forces. My mission at FOOTBALL IS MORE is to bring about greater humanity through education.»




«I am delighted to be part of the Football Is More Foundation Family. My dream and passion is that we have an equitable world where everybody is given the opportunity to achieve their goals and chase their dreams in an environment that is able to adapt to everyone's individual needs, where difference is celebrated and not persecuted. Through the power of football and the FIM Family Network we aim to show how easy this could be if we only work together.»



Relationship Manager 

«Thanks to my previous positions as Section Manager at UEFA and as Head of Marketing at FC St. Gallen, I know firsthand the immense global appeal of football. Football is a powerful tool that connects people, breaks down social barriers, fosters team spirit, and provides a unique platform for inclusion and integration.»



Assistant to the Managing Director

«Everyone should be given the right to shape their lives according to their wishes. I am certain that our commitment at FOOTBALL IS MORE can help that to happen.»



Assistant of  the Managing Director
Project & Content-Manager

«Through my 15-year career as a professional footballer and national goalkeeper of Liechtenstein, I was able to gain a lot of experience on the international football stage. The most important experience I have made is that success in team sports can only succeed through integration and inclusion. Football is an ideal sport discipline for everyone, regardless of their social background, to live integration and inclusion.»



Project & Relationship Manager

«I am convinced that the language of football is an ideal means for transmitting knowledge and values to young people in a playful way – and thus for achieving social change. That is what I’m committed to.»

The foundation’s Board of Trustees


Urs Markus

Proprietor and Managing Director
Graduate businessman and
graduate business economist from
a higher college for business and

«People are different but equal in dignity and rights. If we are serious about ensuring that people with disabilities or social disadvantages have the same rights as people without disabilities, then we must be prepared to develop our society to this point. This will not be possible overnight, not even in sport. Sport is not a universal remedy, but it offers the possibility to break down barriers.»

Thomas Hengartner_edited.jpg


Member of the Board of Trustees Proprietor and Managing Director
Leadership and Sales training,
Team Development,
Individual Coaching

«I was able to realise my childhood dream of once being a professional footballer and these emotions and experiences over about 12 years are unforgettable. 
I see respecting different cultures, people from different backgrounds, as my mission. The FOOTBALL IS MORE Family makes it possible for disadvantaged people to experience emotions in sport to experience emotions in sport and give them joy and the WE-feeling. 

Passing on my experience in leadership positions in various companies and as a current coach in the world of sport and business motivates and fulfils me greatly. 

Being part of the FIM Family is a significant milestone in my life. 

Gratitude is the memory of the heart!»



Honorary President of the Board of Trustees, lawyer

«Through the global sport of football, we are able to reach out to physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged young people everywhere – and through our foundation, using the power of football, we try to integrate them into society.»

Ospelt Armin (002).jpg


Vice President of the Board of Trustees, Proprietor and Managing Director
Consultant in Business and  Marketing Strategy 

«We know that we are all normally different. And yet there are millions of young people who are disadvantaged, living in poverty and/or with a disability, on the margins of society. With my contribution to the FOOBALL IS MORE Family, it is very important to me to use the integrative power of football to bring disadvantaged children and young people closer to society in order to promote joy and togetherness.»


Hanspeter Rothmund

Founder, Member of the Board of Trustees and Managing Director

«I've experienced a lot through football, both positive and negative. Sport definitely has the power to counteract dark instincts and powers. My mission with FOOTBALL IS MORE is to enable more humanity through education.»


Philippe Zimmermann

Member of the Board of Trustees, Attorney-at-law

«Not every child is lucky enough to grow up in a privileged region with good physical and psychological conditions. With my involvement in the foundation, I want to help ensure that disadvantaged children and young people are supported and encouraged through the unifying power of football, so that tomorrow's world will be a little fairer than today's.»




Member of the Board of Trustees, Financial markets expert

«Sport has given me a lot personally.

Sport can bring people of different backgrounds and abilities together and give them the opportunity to learn and grow together. 

I am behind FOOTBALL IS MORE's initiatives and programmes where they use sport to improve educational opportunities and include people with disabilities.»



Prof. Dr. Jürgen Buschmann

President of FIM e.V. Germany, Lecturer

«I would like to use the fascination and power of football, which affects all areas of society around the world, to help disadvantaged children and young people and I would like to contribute my experience, knowledge and contacts to the foundation.»

Special Advisor


Dr. Rudolf Batliner

Former Manager of LED, Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungsdienst, former coordinator of studies at NADEL – Center for Development and Cooperation – ETH Zurich


Diversity Coach FIM-Family 
Coach VfB Stuttgart PFIFF- Project for Inclusive Football Promotion, DFB Football Coach with A-Licence

Prof. Dr. Mathias Bellinghausen

Professor and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Sports Management at the University of Applied Management, Chairman of the Board, GPeV – Society for Prevention GPe.V. 


Co-founder of women's football in Palestine, current Corporate Communications Manager at FIFA


Former Director. of the Manchester City F.C. Football Academy

H.E. Mohamed Fadel Al Hameli

President of UAE Paralympics


Football official, former manager, presentor and book author
Nico Tschui_edited.png


Promotion & Development of Youth Football in the Middle East

Our Ambassadors


Werner Grabherr

Coach, Austria

Like many football coaches, Werner Grabherr’s career began on the pitch: in 2004 he made his professional debut for SCR Altach and eight years later, when he was at FC Egg, he retired as a player. Werner Grabherr then returned to his roots to become the trainer of SCR Altach, a position that he held until 2019.



Ex Swiss national goalkeeper

Diego Benaglio is still the "goalkeeper of the hearts" for many Swiss. Although he has not been in goal for the Swiss national team since 2014, his performances in international tournaments have won him countless fans.

Diego Benaglio played 61 games for the Swiss national team during his career.

Diego Benaglio announced the end of his career on 18 August 2020.

Botschafter Daniel Nodari_edited.jpg


Footballplayer & Youth Coach 

Daniel Nodari is a junior football coach since many years, he enjoys it very much and football is his life, no matter if on the pitch or from the sidelines.
He also plays football himself. Working with people with disabilities is a lot of fun and a matter close to his heart.

"I am proud to be part of the FIM team.
Everyone should have the chance to play football, no matter how disadvantaged they are. Football unites people. "



Captain of the German National Blind Football Team; Sports Inclusion Manager at the Sports Federation Württemberg

Alexander Fangmann advocates for greater awareness of the rather unknown facets of football. Through educating and training coaches and club staff, he wants to achieve that people with disabilities have access to football at all levels.





Demba Ba’s success has not been without challenge. Challenge from the streets to the pitch. Whether it has been injury or a team’s change of plans, Ba has persevered through each obstacle. Playing for Chelsea FC back in 2013, made him the first ever Senegalese player to join the club. His success can be attributed solely to his deep devotion to the game itself, since day one.  Ba has also played for the Senegal national team since the beginning of his professional football career. 



Professional footballer

Simone Rapp was born and raised  in Ticino.

Simone is currently playing for Neuchatel Xamax FCS in the Challenge League in the 2023/24 season.

"Football is a sport for everyone and I believe that FIM's work conveys this valuable message in the best possible way."

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