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Football for inclusion: Day 2 - Coaching and training programme for war-disabled young people and adults from Ukraine." Into society through sport"

Today was the second day of our "Coaching and training programme for war-disabled young people and adults from Ukraine". We worked on deepening our goals with the players and coaches of FK Pokrova Amputee-Football.

The day began early in the seminar room with a tactical analysis of the previous friendly match and the development of offensive and defensive tactics for Amputee Football together with the FIM Family experts from FC Everton in the Community and the Polish national team for Amputee Football. After an intensive theory block and a video analysis, a sitting volleyball game was on the programme as a warm-up to prepare the players for the upcoming training session in the WRS Arena.

After a well-earned lunch break, it was back to the seminar room to discuss the day's training. Topics included:

  • the sporting development of the team,

  • the tactical alignment and strategy for the upcoming matches,

  • the players' personal goals,

  • the mental and emotional aspects of the sport and how to improve them.

Afterwards, the players enjoyed a break in their rooms and watched the European Championship group match between Slovakia and Ukraine together to cheer on the Ukrainian national team and gain inspiration for their own games. Later in the afternoon, the final training session and a final match in mixed teams were on the programme before the team from Ukraine was sent off to the Amputee Football Tournament in Radom, Poland.

We are proud of the progress we have made so far and look forward to continuing to support the players in their sporting and personal development. The #resocialisation of the war-disabled, their #inclusion in sport and society as well as #teambuilding and #cohesion remain at the heart of our project and we are confident that together we will achieve our goals.

Part 3 of the project includes the participation of the FK Pokrova Amputee football team in the International Helvetia Cup - Football for Inclusion, which will take place from 8 to 11 August 2024 in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

We would like to thank Don Bosco for its cooperation and support for the "Coaching and training programme for war-disabled young people and adults from Ukraine" project.


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