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Soon it will be time again: Special Adventure Camp 2023 Brunnen (SZ)

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

From June 13 to 15, 2023, our Special Adventure Camp will take place for the 5th time in Brunnen (SZ). It is already our 23rd Special Adventure Camp, a football camp and tournament for young people with and without disabilities.

Special Adventure Camp

We have been organizing a football camp for people with and without disabilities in Brunnen (SZ) on a sustainable basis since 2016. The aim of the camp is the cooperation between people with and without disabilities and thus the promotion of inclusion in the region. In varied training sessions, the participants are offered ideal conditions to have fun and enjoy football and thus develop themselves further. But also off the soccer field, a special leisure program awaits the youngsters. The participating teams FC Bruschgol, SCR Altach,

I Camaleonti and FC St. Gallen 1879 are already looking forward to the exciting tournament days.

Raising awareness for inclusion in schools and clubs

This year again, the students of the middle school Ingenbohl-Brunnen and the players of the regional football clubs FC Brunnen, SC Schwyz and SC Goldau will be involved in our project. Our goal is to sensitize the young people for the topic of inclusion through educational programs and playing football together with the camp participants with disabilities. Through self-awareness as well as meeting, exchanging and training with footballers with disabilities, fears of contact are reduced, commonalities and different strengths and weaknesses are experienced and mutual understanding and trust are built up.

Inclusion is not only explained, but actively experienced.

Additional program: Walking Football

Health-promoting football game that promotes physical and mental well-being regardless of age, gender or disability.

Walking Football is for all players of any age and physical fitness who are interested in football. Since fast running is prohibited, it is a health-promoting game of football in which anyone can participate. Walking Football is also accessible to people with limited mobility, including those who can no longer participate in club football due to a disability or injury.

With our Walking Football tournament, we want to introduce the sport of football to people of all ages and abilities, and most importantly, show the tremendous health and social benefits that can be achieved through this adapted game.

The Walking Football Tournament at Special Adventure Camp Brunnen will take place on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. at the FC Brunnen sports facility. Anyone and everyone is invited to register a team or personally at

The previous field of participants is mixed.

«together we are stronger»


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