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Welcome to the FIM-Family: FC Winterthur

The FOOTBALL IS MORE foundation welcomes another Swiss Super League club FC Winterthur as a new member of the FIM Family.

In order to enable sports enthusiasts with disabilities to play football, FC Winterthur and the Brühlgut Foundation have founded the official team "FC Winterthur Brühlgut". In a close cooperation, they enable the disabled people as well as the disabled employees of the Brühlgut Foundation to have barrier-free access to inclusive sports activities.

FC Winterthur Brühlgut" was also an official participant in the International Helvetia Cup 2022 in St. Gallen.

Once again, we welcome FC Winterthur to the FIM family and look forward to future multifaceted cooperation for inclusion in football as well as for the promotion of youth football in the club.

«together we are stronger»


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